A Dreamy Engagement Session on the Big Island

Prior to my trip to Hawaii I dreamed about doing a session like this, but it turned out to be even better than I had imagined. Charis and Gabe plan to get married in Vermont the summer of 2024. We met through my parents who work in close quarters with these two on the YWAM base in Kona, Hawaii. The first time Charis and I hopped on a call I knew they were the kind of people that would be a joy to work with.

Leading up to the shoot I was very excited to meet them both in person and I was super curious about their special spot that they wanted to take me to. We started our shoot with a drive to their secret spot on a mountainside near the small town of Hawi. On the trip there, we got to chat all about their story and their plans for their wedding in June. They quickly felt like friends and their joyful spirits were so fun to be around, it made the hour's drive fly by.

Once we arrived, we had a short hike to their spot in the plush grassy field that overlooks the Hawaiian coast. It was windier than expected but it created an even more dramatic atmosphere to the already breathtaking views.

A Perfect Sunset

We worked through several super fun prompts full of movement as the sun began to set over the ocean. The lighting was hitting the mountainside so perfectly, I couldn't have staged it any better. Then, a large cloud blew in our direction and colored the sky with vibrant pinks and oranges. We felt so close to the clouds we could almost touch them. Charis and Gabe's genuine love and attachment to each other was visible in every shot. They soaked in every moment, knowing that they'd be moving away soon and they might not have many visits to their favorite spot left. It was an honor to be invited to such a sentimental place.

Until the Light Faded

We were all having such a blast during this session that we began to lose track of time. Before we knew it the sun had set and the daylight was fading quickly. We still wanted to explore the nearby canyon so we packed up and hiked a short way over to it. Boy was I glad that we had because it was yet another magical view. The canyon felt very private and almost fantasy-like the way the giant boulders were lying surrounded by grass and other tropical plants.

We stayed there in the canyon until blue-hour set in and then we made our way back down the mountain. I tried my best to capture everything, but there was so much beauty all around it would be impossible to fully explain how special this session truly was. It's safe to say I'm over the moon to get to capture their wedding day and this engagement is definitely one for the books!

Charis & Gabe

Charis & Gabe

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