Hugs, tears, and genuine smiles.

Ben and Sydney's day was covered in God's grace. They are surrounded by so many people who love them deeply and that love was so evident throughout the day. I was googly eyeing Syndey's lovely combination of colors, texture, and intentionality that she put into the day. All of her hard work paid off and it made my job so easy!

As a documentary photographer, this day was such joy to capture. There were so many heartfelt genuine moments that I got to just sit back and watch happen. It created an almost stress-free day and everyone involved had time to soak in the fleeting hours. Looking back on these photos brings out all the emotions that flowed freely.

bride getting ready in black and white
bride and groom walking down the aisle
wedding party crying in black and white
groom getting thrown in the air during reception

My Favorite Part

I think my favorite part of the day was Ben and Sydney's ceremony. Before the ceremony in particular, there was a moment where Ben was waiting in the getting ready area. He was sitting on a chair calming his nerves before one of the most important moments of his life no doubt. It's one of my favorite shots of the day. It's the kind of real moment that almost every wedding day has but not always captured.

The ceremony itself was full of beautiful tears and laughter. This is where the love for this couple really shined through and it was an honor to immortalize these moments for them. A small gust of wind blew through right as they had their "You may kiss the bride" moment. It was picture-perfect!

groom nervous before ceremony in black and white
bride and groom at the alter pink rustic style
ceremony grandparents in black and white
bride and groom at the alter after first kiss

Happily Ever After

Ben and Sydney's day I will forever remember as it was one of my very first lead weddings. I recall feeling so full of joy after the send-off, having completed the day I was admittedly nervous about the days leading up to it. I captured to the best of my ability and the images I produced from this wedding are some of my all-time favorites!

I wish these two nothing but the best in their marriage and I'm forever grateful for their trust and their kindness.

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