Rekindled Friendship

I've had the pleasure of knowing Moriah (the bride) since childhood. We both lived in the same area while growing up and would hang out occasionally with our mutual friends. When my family moved away we disconnected for a time, until I moved back to Texas and had the chance to reconnect with Moriah. We both share a love for media and photography in general.

I was ecstatic getting the invitation to Hank and Moriah's wedding day. I think it was two days before the big day that Moriah reached out to me and asked if I would take pictures during their "afterparty" and I happily said YES!

The Unexpected

After a beautiful ceremony filled with pure joy, I chatted away during cocktail hour with a few friends. To our surprise (and to the bride and groom) when it came time to cut the cake, the photographer was nowhere to be found. Miscommunication happens on days like these, and panic set in around the room. I was called up to the front, and immediately I told my husband to grab my camera gear!

Never did I expect to "save the day" but I was glad at least someone was there to catch these moments for my dear friend. The crowd around the cake table began to cheer "Ember! Ember!" as I whipped out my camera and fixed up my settings. I probably would've collapsed under the pressure if it weren't for God's grace and my wedding photography experience. From that moment on until the rest of the night, I did my best to capture the emotion, the details, and all the insanely good dance moves!

An Unforgettable Night

It's safe to say I will never forget Hank and Moriah's wedding, and not for the reasons you might think. Though unexpectedly taking over the photography was quite memorable, I think what will stick with me most is the love that these two share for each other and all of the people who were there supporting them. They have been blessed with the most loving community and seeing so many people come together to celebrate them was so special.

Moriah is the most joyful person I know and her energy fueled the entire night. Even Hank, who is known to be more stoic and reserved was having the time of his life (as he should!) Their dreamy starlit wedding was truly magical and it was a pleasure to immortalize these moments.