Centered on Family

If I could sum up this day in one word it would probably be "family." Both Julianna (Bride) and Jorell (Groom) have such amazing, tender-hearted, and loving families. By the end of the day I felt like I was a member.

Julianna is a sister of three, all of whom are adopted. If that alone didn't reveal to me how sweet of a family this was, their support, kind words, and closeness definitely did. There were so many intimate moments on this day that I'll happily admit got me teary-eyed just by being there to document and witness.

Take a Breather

The morning of, there was some trouble with Julianna's makeup. It can be difficult on such an emotional day. Small things can cause a large amount of stress. We couldn't start the day without her though, so we decided to take a step back and switch a few things around to give our bride the time she needed to feel confident and ready.

To any bride who may be worried about staying on time, keeping to the schedule, or just making the day as perfect as can be. You can take it from me, it all works out in the end! Especially when you have a great team on your side that is there to make things as easy as possible.

I try my hardest with each of my weddings to go with the flow. If any of my brides feel pressure to keep the day moving or to take pictures because it's on the schedule, I've done a poor job. Your day is your day, period.

Dead Batteries

After a super fun and energetic night of dancing and drinking in celebration of the new couple, it was time to set up the send-off. As many in the wedding industry know, the unexpected usually happens no matter how much planning and prep you put into the day. For J and J's day it just happened to be the getaway car!

Jorell's car battery refused to charge and the freshly washed and prepared car did not want to start. So, the backup car was brought out. Though it wasn't according to plan, things like this always become the most memorable. I love how the family and wedding party came together to make it work. It really proved to me that this couple was in some of the best hands.

Besides the memories of dead car batteries, the things that will stick with me most from this wedding is the genuine love and connection that these two families have with each other. Their bond is so strong, I know Julianna and Jorell will be able to get through anything in life with their families by their sides!