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Driven by Creativity

I am an introvert, a thinker, and a person who always has a million projects happening simultaneously yet can keep it all together (mostly). At my core, I am driven by creating. Whether it be through photography, writing, traditional art, or decorating the interior of my tiny home, I will keep my creative juices flowing!

Who you are is important, and I strive to showcase every person's beauty in their own way. In the end, everything I do in life I want to be a reflection of God's glory. I believe God has given me this gift to be a light in the industry and to touch as many hearts as possible through the art that I create.

Cinematic Documentary PHOTOGRAPHY

Capturing emotion, details, light, and all the little things.

I document stories. That means I let moments happen. I like imperfect things. I get all the real stuff that will bring you right back to that moment in time. BUT! I also LOVE being creative. Directing that shot and delivering photos that could be in a magazine. Ultimately though, your wedding day or photoshoot is all about you, and whatever vision you have, that is my vision too.

Ember Claire Photography

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