A Summer Romcom

Jenna and Cy are close friends of mine. Back in the summer of 2023 I had an idea of a photoshoot in a pool. The vision was fun, playful, summer love. Though they insist they aren't the best models, these two made this shoot so easy and they brought my vision to life perfectly.

We started with some fruit by the poolside action. Fruit is one of Jenna's favorite foods and so naturally it made everything better.

couple eating fruit by the pool vintage
summer fruit by the pool vintage
couple eating fruit by the pool vintage film

Making a Splash

It wouldn't be a pool shoot without getting a little wet. I, though I knew the great risk of bringing my camera into the pool, couldn't resist getting the angles. So adventurously I joined the couple in the pool. I gave them some prompts and the results were such a vibe! This session continues to be one of my favorites. I loved being able to get creative with the water aspect. It felt like a summer romcom.

Sometimes when you have an idea, you just have to make it happen! Thankfully I have great friends who are down with my crazy photographer visions.

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